Monday, March 09, 2009

Make poverty less enticing

Jon Swift has an excellent parody of right-wing attitudes to poor people. It concludes:

"If we stopped making it so enjoyable to be poor, maybe we would have fewer lazy, greedy people who are just dying to live in poverty and leech off of the rest of us. Indeed, the reason for our economic decline may be that so many people want the benefits of being poor that they are dragging the economy down with them. We need to stop this rush to be poor before it is too late. So the First Lady should stop visiting soup kitchens and serving them gourmet food, which just encourages them. Only by making poverty less enticing can we hope to to save our economy."


At 11:33 am , Blogger Hughes Views said...

Good stuff! If only a way could have been found to make being a senior banker less enjoyable...

At 2:58 pm , Anonymous _Felix said...

Well, I'm poor, and I'm opposed to the state benefits I receive. I want everybody's benefits to be cut off and tax to be massively reduced, so I can live in a world of plentiful job variety and cheap rent. (No, I don't want to just stop accepting them unilaterally - shall I shoot myself in the foot while I'm at it?)

This parody seems to be saying:
Helping the poor is a drop in the ocean and doesn't hurt the economy,
The recession is the fault of bankers and not of policies designed to help the poor,
Nobody is comfortably dependent on benefits.

None of those points are strictly true, but that's the nature of humour: distortion.


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