Thursday, March 26, 2009

Labour wins in Headington Hill and Northway

Congratulations to Councillor Roy Darke, who has just been elected as Maureen Christian's successor in Headington Hill and Northway in Oxford.

This was a particularly excellent result as Labour were just 37 votes ahead of the Tories last time the ward was contested in 2008.

Roy won by 548 votes to 443 for the Tories, with the Lib Dems (who actually won this ward in 2006) trailing in third place with 378 votes (and the Greens getting 62).

He won because he is a fantastic candidate - decent, down to earth, rooted in the local community and incredibly hard-working - with an excellent campaign team supporting him. Roy will be a great councillor, and a worthy successor to Maureen.


At 5:45 pm , Anonymous Paul said...

Well done to Roy. I'm quietly impressed the way Oxford keeps producing good hard-working councillors, and keeps the campaign effort up.

At 12:22 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Don,

I think you are being overly optimistic in this post. As Cllr Ruth Wilkinson helpfully explains on her blog at, this result was good for the Liberal Democrats because they increased their percentage of the vote more than any other party. It's not the winning that counts; it's the bar chart you can do with the numbers!


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