Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reporting demonstrations

For years I've been going on demonstrations in support of a variety of causes, from anti-war demos to aslyum rights, anti-fees to child poverty. Some of these demonstrations had hundreds of thousands of people, some, more modest, maybe a few thousand, and some numbered in the hundreds.

And with a very few exceptions, the media ignored each and every one.

So although I disagree totally with the protests in Luton against the soldiers by about 20 extremist idiots, I like that the national media has obviously changed their reporting policies and decided that any demonstration, no matter how small, is worthy of pages of news coverage.

Because it couldn't possibly be that the media routinely ignore protests which have some kind of mass support, but give what amount to millions of pounds worth of free advertising to a handful of extremists, could it? After all, that would be incredibly stupid, deceitful and damaging.


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