Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not Even Wrong

Another day, another terrible article by Dan McCurry on LabourList. It starts off, "A billion dollars has been spent by the west on overseas development aid; mostly it has been squandered." A contestable point, you might have thought, but is it accompanied by an argument or even a link to support the claim? Of course not.

There's a bit about how leftie opposition to Margaret Thatcher is "political allegiance rather than analytical thought", and how one of Thatcher's great achievements was that "The policy of encouraging property ownership caused families to take on such large mortgages that the mother in the family had to go out to work in order to make the payments. The financial independence of women in our modern day traces back to that policy." As an argument, the best that can be said for this is that it is not even wrong.

And from there the article gets increasingly cringe-worthy.

McCurry writes on a whole range of subjects, from women's rights and international development to housing policy, sex trafficking, criminal justice policy, Israel/Palestine, racism and the BNP. Sadly, none of these are subjects that he knows anything about. Why does Derek Draper keep on publishing his articles?


At 9:37 am , Blogger Robert said...

My mother had to work long before Thatcher because of the crap wages which both Labour governments and Tories allowed.


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