Thursday, March 19, 2009

So who will George Monbiot vote for now?

George Monbiot always seemed to me like a man with an excellent sense of humour, a self-depricating wit and thick skin, without a pompous bone in his body and tolerant to a fault of those who disagree with him.

It is therefore deeply saddening and in no way hilarious to see all the toys leave the Monbiot pram in his response to Sian Berry's excellent and very entertaining blogpost about the pro-nuclear power Greens. Monbiot is so angry about being called 'over 45 with the haircut of a WW2 fighter pilot and the experience to know better' that he is not going to vote for the Green Party in the future.

It finishes, "Pretty good for one short blog: sexism, ageism, a demand for self-censorship, discrimination on the grounds of appearance and sheer blithering absurdity. So who the heck do I vote for now?" But to get the full benefit you really do have to read the full thing.

Disappointingly, Sian appears to have heeded Matt 'spoilsport' Sellwood's call to Please Stop Fighting Won't Someone Think of the Children Green Party. I think this is nothing short of censorship, no one with such a god given talent for winding up George Monbiot should feel pressured into falling silent.


At 12:35 am , Anonymous tim f said...

I'm surprised reading all that - I had assumed Sian Berry would be the relatively sensible one who was open-minded about nuclear energy, but turns out it was George Monbiot.

Other than that detail her criticisms seemed fair, though.

At 12:51 am , Anonymous Ben said...

I have to say, Mr Paskini, that quite apart from being pro-nuke (in every sense and always, of course) myself, anyone who praises that precocious hippy criminal Leila Dean is a couple of fuel rods short of a reactor core...

I second Tim - who would've thought that nut Monbiot would be the sensible one?

They both come off badly for rather different reasons - Berry because she can't string an argument together (I fail to see what patriarchy has to do with nuclear power?) and Monbiot because you can see the quivering apoplexy jumping off the page.

At 10:43 am , Blogger Matt Sellwood said...

And I'm the sensible, non ranty, moderate one.

What has the world come to!



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