Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tory think tank vs the middle class

Shorter Reform 'The End of Entitlement' pamphlet:

"The welfare state is a bad deal for the middle class (anyone earning over £15,000/year) because they get £31 billion of benefits which they don't need, such as state pensions, child benefits, free bus passes etc. Instead of receiving these benefits, the middle class should have the opportunity to insure against the risk of unemployment, retirement, disability etc. with the private sector.

People may object that policies which take billions of pounds out of the pockets of the middle class to give to the insurance industry would be very unpopular and are the exact opposite of what Britain needs, but we know better because we are dogmatic sub-Thatcherites with no experience of the real world but close links to the Conservative Party."


At 7:15 pm , Blogger Al Widdershins said...

It's the last part that's somewhat chilling. Just think - this time next year these idiots will have a degree of influence over government policy.

At 7:36 pm , Blogger septicisle said...

Only a thinktank of the standing of Reform could possibly believe that earning £15,000 a year makes you middle class.

At 10:23 am , Blogger Quietzapple said...

I suspect that multi-millionaires and aristos like Chameleon and Geo "Mr Potato Head" Osborne regard themselves as the middle class.

Billionaires like Cashcroft no doubt agree . . .

"Y'know what my man - you know the wanna be who runs my UK party said the other day . . ?" sort of thing.

At 9:38 pm , Blogger Quietzapple said...

We are all the middle class with stuff like this, endorsed by Sir Iain Dale, to look down upon:


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