Friday, October 06, 2006

Good Old Boy #8

"Mr O' Leary, the foul-mouthed 45-year-old Irishman who has piloted Ryanair since taking over from his former boss Tony Ryan in 1994, once dressed up as a cardinal to announce the launch of a route from Dublin to Rome, declaring: "Habemus lowest fares". He has also on occasions appeared as St Patrick, a French chambermaid and a Roman centurion.

He describes an airliner as a "bus with wings" but acquired a taxi licence and equipped a Mercedes with a meter so that his chauffeur could get around Dublin quicker by using bus lanes."

N.B. Being a Good Old Boy is not a sign of approval. In particular, the way Ryanair treat their workers ("we don't need those rip-off trade unions, we've got our staff councils") is some of the worst even in these days of 'flexible' working. But getting a taxi licence and meter for the Mercedes to be able to use the bus lanes is definitely Good Old Boy behaviour.


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