Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Old Boy #30

From Kerron's report of hustings at the Christian Socialist Movement:

Alan Johnson - got off to a rather difficult start. Candidates were told they would not be asked about their own personal faith (or lack of it) as they were applying for a secular role and the audience would rather here about their views for the future - but Alan Johnson chose to open up his speech by telling everyone he has no faith and didn't agree with Christians.


At 3:04 pm , Blogger C4' said...

Proof that Johnson is a scumbag who somehow thinks that all traditional families are a hive of domestic violence.

At 2:12 am , Anonymous Gregg said...

Strangely warming towards Johnson...

At 12:35 pm , Anonymous angus said...

He could have added he doesn't agree with Socialists much either.


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