Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prat of the day

This guy is the Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales:

"The ordinary Labour Party member, concerned, opposed to Blair, wanting peace...ultimately you have each taken a gun and shot a child in Iraq. Are you going to stop the killing?"

That's a really good way to build alliances between anti-war people - accuse people who aren't in your small political party but agree with you on this issue of murdering children. Ho hum.


At 2:07 pm , Blogger Hughes Views said...

Thanks for bringing this nasty little prig to my attention. Anyone who claims that anything in politics is 'simple' (as he does on his banner) clearly doesn't understand the issue. Perhaps he's very young...

At 2:22 pm , Blogger donpaskini said...

He's not very young, he's one of the leaders of the Green Party.

Yes, really.

(I usually like members of the Green Party, apart from the ones who are in fact reactionaries and the ones who in fact hate people).

At 3:25 pm , Blogger Hughes Views said...

Oh dear, he must just be very dim and/or nasty then. I thought they didn't have leaders? Most of the Green Party members that I've met have been lovely people (there's loads who've run away from 'reality' and ended up down here in Gloucestershire). Not that I think many of them would be able to run something as complex as a bring and buy stall let alone a government...

At 5:33 pm , Anonymous Pete said...

I'm particularly impressed by way he demonstrates such a strong grasp of internal Iraqi politics, the goals and outcomes of the US troop surge (which has cut death rates), and the real significance of Turkish troop movements in the context of provincial control being announced in Kurdistan this week.

At 10:11 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, they elected that man? Willingly?!

I'm sure he feels very superior sitting back in the politically irrelevant moral high ground of the Green party.


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