Monday, August 04, 2008

Applied behavioural economics

I thought carefully about buying a copy of 'Nudge' by Thaler and Sunstein. Apparently, politicians from Barack Obama to George Osborne have been influenced by it, and its ideas are being applied to a wide range of public policy areas. I read the reviews and decided that on balance it wasn't worth buying at the moment, because most of the interesting content was available online and it would be cheaper to wait for it to come out in paperback.

And then I was in Waterstone's, and I saw that it had a picture of big ele-fant and little ele-fant on the front cover.

So I bought it.


At 6:03 pm , Blogger Mrs Blogs said...

well, since everyone's buying it I think I....


As the old Nudger Thaler himself said:

“The Mafia is probably pretty immune to nudging.”

(I do have some more serious thoughts and questions on the whole subject which I may come back to impart someday)

At 7:56 pm , Blogger Andreas Paterson said...

Not nudge related, but entirely ele-fant related, we have some fantastic ele-fants in Norwich at the moment.

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